Making global business personal, and taking personal business global.

With this vision, INAA wants to promote cross-border trade and services.

INAA stands for “International Association of Independent Accounting firms”. Its members are all independent firms of accountants, tax consultants and/or auditors.  An important requirement for membership is the guarantee to provide quality, professional services.

Currently, 680 professionals from more than 140 offices with more than 3900 employees are part of this network, spread over more than 50 countries on 5 continents.   Since the beginning of 2019 @TheOffice has been part of this network and last week we participated for the first time in the interim INAA member conference in Barcelona.  There we have already had the opportunity to meet colleagues from 27 countries.

Through this network, we can help our customers with their foreign activities and with setting up branches abroad.  In almost every European country, we can consult a consultant on company law, taxation, payroll and accountancy.   In the opposite direction, our foreign colleagues can call on us for advice with regard to trade and services in Belgium.