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Chartered Accountant-tax consultant IAB

In this rapidly changing world, dynamic entrepreneurs want to focus all their attention on the growth and development of their enterprise. Our Office is characterized by a professional, flexible and personalized approach, giving you real help so you can focus on achieving your goals. 

Our practitioners have many years experience in providing Accountancy, and Consultancy services to a range of clients in small to medium size businesses, partnerships, self employed contractors, and sole traders.

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Who are we?

@TheOffice was founded in 2005 by Gaby Van Loock and Lode Ilsen as a merger of 3 business- and accounting services each having more than 20 years experience. During the years we’ve delivered quality bookkeeping and business accounting services for companies of all sizes, leveraging a unique blend of financial, tax, reporting, managerial and some IT expertise.

You as entrepreneur are always busy with your company issues and you depend on your accountant for figuring your accounts and taxes. The company books are a legal necessity, but additionally we, as independent consultant, will give you correct advise and direct your attention to the points that need intervention. Our commitment to build a strong working relationship gives the assurance of a first-class service, a dedicated team of professionals and quality business accounting solutions. We rather like to work with, than for you. To fulfill our role as trustee our accountants and consultants know their way around in different disciplines.


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